Created Jul 30, 2015

Mike Barnicle

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Mike Barnicle is a veteran print, broadcast and radio journalist known for his candid, straight-talking and incisively witty observations. He is most often seen on msnbc's Morning Joe as a political analyst and commentator.

His 40-plus-year career includes a quarter century as a columnist for The Boston Globe, a 20-year member of WCVB-TV's news magazine "Chronicle," a long-running radio show on Boston's WTKK-FM, and a columnist for ESPN Magazine, The Huffington Post, and most recently The Daily Beast. Known as the 'voice of New England," Mike has won local and national awards and recognition for both his print and broadcast work.

Mike began his career working for several well-known political figures, including the late Robert F. Kennedy and Edmund Muskie. A graduate of Boston University, Barnicle lives outside Boston with his wife, Anne and their children.

An avid Red Sox fan, in his spare time he shares his love of baseball at

You can learn more about Mike Barnicle at his official site,

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